About Us

"A piece of jewelry has the power to make someone feel unique, beautiful and loved. Our jewels have the magic to make someone feel like that every single day." - Karishma Patel

About Karishma

Karishma, the owner and founding designer of KAPES Fine Jewelry was born in Navsari, a small city in India – close to Surat (the diamond city of India). At a tender age, she moved to Tokyo, Japan, where she flourished into the exceptional talent she is today, earning her place in the hearts of many jewelry enthusiasts, creating the most unique, affordable and versatile high end 18K and 22K gold jewelry inspired by her Indian heritage, upbringing in Japan and travels to Italy

The Journey

Karishma grew up to find diamonds, pearls and gemstones very appealing. Her father ran a wholesale jewelry and diamond business in Japan for over 20 years, and she would always assist him at his office and tradeshows to admire the beauty of the sparkly gemstones. Though she was fascinated by the diamond and jewelry business, she also wanted to explore other options that life had to offer. So she moved on to acquire a college degree in Finance and Corporate Management in San Francisco, California. Still driven by her passion for design and sparkling gemstones, she enrolled in the Gemological Institute of America in Mumbai after her college degree. And that was where the journey of KAPES truly began. Karishma started attending tradeshows in Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, India and the United States, as well as visiting different couuntries to draw inspirations, which has been the magic behind the creation of her beautiful line of gold, pearl and diamond jewelry.

About Kapes

Kapes offers unique, dainty and modern designs that are born of Karishma's rich Indian heritage, contemporary Japanese culture, as well as travels to Italy and across the world. It is the uniqueness, versatility and excellent style of her craft, created to perfection, that gives Kapes Jewelry the perfect edge amongst competitors.

We offer premium artisanal jewelry collections that are manufactured in Japan and Italy, using only the best gemstones and pearls, as well as high-end 18k and 22k gold in the production of her jewelry line. By perfectly blending the creativity in vintage antiques and modern artistic excellence, she has built a reputation for herself in the creation of premium handcrafted jewelry collection.

The company now has a state-of-the-art jewelry boutique right in the heart of San Francisco, and a team of sincerely dedicated and highly skilled artisans, equipped with ample years of experience working on unique ornament concepts that match the trend in modern-day fine jewelry. Kapes Jewelry design concepts are born from inspiration influenced by her rich Indian heritage and Japanese culture, as well as ideas drawn from expositions and travels around the world.

Beyond the design concept, deep emotions can be expressed in jewelry. And Kapes provides an avenue forher cl ients to request for personalized jewelry that appeals to their unique style and reflects who they are.

With exceptional dexterity in the design and creation of a wide collection of jewelry line, Kapes Jewelry can be trusted to deliver premium quality jewelry at all times.

The Collection

Each Kapes piece is a product of passion, innovation, mind-blowing inspiration, and a well structured handcrafting process, paying close attention to minute details of the client’s specific desires to transform any concept they can envision into a uniquely beautiful hand-finished jewelry.

Her handcrafted pieces are guaranteed to reflect the core personality and meet the emotional appeal of her clients. Elegance and simplicity define Kapes collection. Some top selling products include:

  • Spiral rings
  • Spiral bangles
  • Adjustable rings
  • Adjustable necklaces
  • Earrings
  • 2-way jewelry (necklaces that can be turned into bracelets)

The flexibility of the adjustable pieces makes them suitable for special occasion outfits or everyday fashion style. And the unique adjustable technique is such that it can be worn by any lady, irrespective of her size, shape or age.